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Banks using skip-trace tools to trace out loan defaulters on the run MUMBAI: Loan defaulters who were once able to hide their status by changing homes and cities may find the strategy less effective now. Banks and loan collection agencies are increasingly employing skip-trace, a method to extract and analyse creditor information that was difficult to obtain before. Skip-trace tools, which credit information bureaus provide, allow users mine their repositories for alternative contacts and business locations of an existing or potential customer, and give insights into his credit relationships and payment behaviour. This is usually done by analysing all possible contact details including addresses and telephone numbers, allowing the lender Skiptracing apps to locate those who have defaulted. "Now, credit bureaus can identify a chronic defaulter even if he changes his location," said a senior private-sector banker. "If the defaulter uses the same name and identity proof like his PAN number, the system will identify the fraudster." Credit Information Bureau (India) has a tool called CIBIL Locate Plus, which "offers timely, comprehensive and most updated contact details of the customers to the credit grantors," said Harshala Chandorkar, senior vice president for consumer relations and communication at the country's first credit-information provider. "Using the power of this information, credit grantors can tap the customer at the right time to ensure recovery." Other credit bureaus like Equifax and Experian also offer similar products. Local collection agencies have been using the method to trap defaulters, especially in the small-ticket personal loan segment. Banks do not have significant non-performing loans in their retail or personal-loan segments. However, private-sector banks have been pushing retail or individual loans to drive business and boost profitability at a time when a slowing economy had drained demand for funds from companies, and they want to be doubly sure that they get their money back.

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